The Konomed ltd. was founded in 2014 with the main focus on research and development of new treatment approaches, along with innovation of the old ones, all with the use of medicinal cannabis.

The Konomed team is a goal-oriented association of high-achieving individuals with substantial expertise in areas that together compose into a successful business development for medicinal cannabis clinical market in the Czech Republic and Europe union.

R&D Environment

The Czech Republic has, with the removal of all legal barriers concerning the administration of medical cannabis to indicated patients in 2013, finally entered the dynamically growing but nonetheless exclusive club of only a few countries where it is possible to legally administer medicinal cannabis to patients.

It is now possible to use medicinal cannabis not only in clinically fully verified indications, but also to research and develop the potential of medicinal cannabis usage in indications where so far there have only been promising hypotheses or empirically proven positive symptomatic, and in certain cases even causal, effects.

Along with the long tradition of therapeutic cannabis research in the Czech Republic (which was being conducted in the field of medicine and related natural sciences up to the introduction of international prohibition on the cultivation and usage of non-technical cannabis in the 1950‘s), these recent legal changes represent an important and unique opportunity. An opportunity not only for Czech medicine, which can now build on the traditional foundations and innovate the existing treatment protocols, as well as researching the possibilities of influencing the cannabinoid system in order to effectively treat the civilization diseases affecting the aging population.



Konomed has developed since its foundation in collaboration with Charles University, 3rd Medical Faculty and University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady two clinical studies designed as double-blind randomized and controlled by placebo.

The primary objective of first study is to find out whether an oral administration of activated cannabis extract with a balanced THC/CBD ratio to patients with idiopathic bowel diseases can lead to:

  1. decreased activity of the illness or even achievement of remission
  2. improvement of the quality of life

The second study is designed to evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of ascending topical doses of medical cannabis in subjects with atopic dermatitis. Both clinical designs are approved by relevant ethical commissions and clinical research projects are submitted for co-financing within Ministry of Healthcare’s Program on Support of applied research and development in healthcare for 2015 – 2022.



Grants and Studies

  • Recommend suitable subsidy title
  • Utilize complete project application
  • Clinical studies design
  • Implementation management of supported projects and other follow – up activities

Legal affairs

  • Legal advisory
  • Licensing compliance
  • Certification compliance


Market development

  • Education of healthcare professionals
  • Education of patient’s public
  • Marketing projects management
  • Distribution channels management

Scientific Affairs

  • Advisement on best pathways for authorization
  • Scientific advice - registration, documentation and support
  • Preparation of responses to letters and queries from regulatory authorities
  • Assistance during meetings with local authorities


Public Relations

  • Expert association
  • Patients organization
  • Scientific institutes
  • General public
  • Media

Ad hoc Analysis

  • Urgent requests from regulatory authorities
  • Advice on data sources, protocols and interpretations

Medical regulatory affairs

  • Advisement, preparation and management of required licenses
  • Response to authorities
  • Marketing authorization
  • New models of care development and certification
  • Medical product development and certification